Ready to Love Running?

It all starts with good running form.

For the cost of a good pair of running shoes, our ChiRunning® Essentials course equips you with excellent running habits so you can run as much and as often as you like. Competitive runner? You’ll reduce effort, recover quickly and avoid injury.

Run Hills with Ease.

Struggling with hills?

The techniques taught in our ChiRunning Hills & Trails® class were developed right here in the Bay Area. After this course, you’ll be running hills with more ease, efficiency and enjoyment.

Running Not Your Thing?

Introducing... ChiWalking® & ChiWalk-Run®

If you want to strengthen or start a healthy walking program, click below to learn about ChiWalking® . Easing into running and want to get started on the right foot? Head on over to our ChiWalk-Run® page – also great for those returning to running after an injury or hiatus.


As a runner, Hazel has completed 40 Dipsea races, won her age group at the Headlands 50K Nationals Championship, and has a 3hr 6min marathon personal best.

As a teacher, Hazel is a Master Certified ChiRunning® Instructor with 18 years of experience. She has taught ChiRunning AND Chi Walking to well over a thousand students.


Favorite running shoes? Inov-8. Post-race fuel of choice? Boddington’s. Favorite app? Coaches Eye for video analysis.