Article: Top 10 Reasons to Learn ChiRunning®

ChiRunning® combines modern physics with the concepts of T’ai Chi to create an easy to learn running form that makes running more enjoyable and less stressful on your body. The ChiRunning technique is based on the same principles and orientation as Yoga, Pilates, and T’ai Chi: working with core muscles; integrating mind and body; ancient principles of movement; and focused on overall and long term performance and well-being.

All types of runners –from beginners to fitness and experienced runners, can benefit from ChiRunning.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn ChiRunning®:

  1. Good biomechanical form – combine the laws of physics and principles of T’ai Chi to create a natural, efficient form
  2. Build great posture – increase energy and efficiency through an aligned posture
  3. Strong core muscles – use the power and strength of your core and reduce dependence on leg strength
  4. Reduced injuries – learn how to correct the root cause of shin splints, sore knees, tight calves and over used hamstrings
  5. Relaxed limbs, joints and tendon – looser joints have less injury potential
  6. Less stress on your body – keep your peripheral muscles supple and relaxed
  7. Recover more quickly – conserve energy and eliminate overuse of muscles to minimize post run soreness
  8. Comfort and efficiency on hills – innovative techniques to reduce strain and impact
  9. Mental focus – learn to listen to your body and make adjustments
  10. Makes running more fun!  Feel more relaxed by combining the free flowing movements of T’ai Chi with the power and energy of running

And a bonus… Mindful approach to exercise – the role of body sensing for safe and efficient movement.