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Get lots of personal attention and enjoy a rich learning experience to help you walk, run, and walk-run, without injury… for the rest of your life!

What to Expect

This workshop provides a unique integration of the Chi Walking and Chi Running techniques in a single half day.  Hazel will guide you through several exercises and drills designed to leave you with a clear sense of what Chi Walking, Chi Running and Chi Walk-Run feel like in your body.

There will be some walking, running and walk-running, but only enough to learn the basics and foundations of these approaches – a relaxed, full and inspiring day!

The Chi Walk-Run workshop is perfect for walkers who want to introduce running into their fitness program, beginner runners, or those returning to running from an injury or hiatus.

Lessons We’ll Cover

[intense_icon_list rtl=”0″] [intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Keys to Effortless, Injury-Free Walking and Running[/intense_icon_list_item][intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Basics of the Holistic, Integrated ChiWalk-Run Approach[/intense_icon_list_item][intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Core Muscle and Technique Drills and Exercises[/intense_icon_list_item][intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Upper and Lower Body Usage in Walking and Running (e.g. Running Without Using Your Legs and the Role of Gravity)[/intense_icon_list_item][intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Introduction to The ChiWalking and ChiRunning Form[/intense_icon_list_item][intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Energy Conservation in Movement[/intense_icon_list_item][intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Body Scanning, Awareness and Choice When Walking or Running[/intense_icon_list_item][intense_icon_list_item type=”angle-double-right” size=”1″ rtl=”0″]Tips for Transitions Between Walking and Running (When to do Which and How to Make the Shift Most Efficiently)[/intense_icon_list_item][/intense_icon_list]


Great! New classes are forming regularly. Check our Schedule page, or contact Hazel to schedule your own group or private workshop. Send along any questions you have, too!

[intense_blockquote color=”muted”]”Hi, Hazel.  I’ve been out of town on vacation, so it’s a bit tardy, but I wanted to be sure I thanked you for providing a great training experience.  I ran and walked, for a total time of about 47 minutes, or 14 minutes per mile.  I was very satisfied with my results and plan to continue using the techniques.”

– Lissa M, Novato, CA


Start running with less injury, faster recovery & more energy today!